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Badminton Rackets

Badminton Grommet list at the bottom of this page.

Working hours: 9.30am-5.00pm.Closed Sunday.

Freephone for Mobile and Land line UK: 0800 999 4915.

All rackets are original YONEX rackets supplied by Yonex UK under guarantee.

Top of the range Yonex rackets are made in Japan, Medium range rackets are made in Taiwan, Bottom range rackets are made in China.

Spare parts and Grommets always available. It is our policy to use brand names whose back up services are fast and reliable.


If a racket is found to be faulty it will be replaced or credited.

Please be advised that the market is flooded with fake rackets. Before buying please check weight, length and graphics for authenticity.

View discounts at the bottom of this page.

Astrox 88 S, HMG, Tungsten ultra PEF, S for control, strung at 28 lbs with Utimax 66, 4UG4, NEW
Yonex: Special offers are available, please call or email. ( 25% discount available on all rackets for Cash payment )
RRP uk

DUORA Z Strike , HMG graphite, Nanometric DR, Ni-Ti Fiber, super slim shaft, extra stiff in White, Black and Red colour, 3U G4, used by Lin Dan, NEW.


DUORA 10, HMG graphite, Nanometric DR, Ni-Ti Fiber, super slim shaft, stiff in Blue, Red and White or Orange colour Box frame for Forehand, Green colour Aero frame for Backhand , even balance, 3U G4, used by L. C. Wei.( LITE 4UG4 )











DUORA 7, HMG, Nanometric DR, IC Elastomer, medium stiff, in Red, Black and White, 3U G4, NEW

DUORA 6, HMG, Nano, Flexible, super slim shaft, 4U G4, NEW.


DOURA 88, HMG, Nanometric / Super HMG, stiff, in Blue and Yellow, 3U G4, NEW

DUORA 77, HMG, Nanometric / HMG shaft, medium stiff, in Silver, Black and Orange, 3U G4, NEW

DUORA 55, HMG, Nano, Medium Stiff, new grommet pattern, 4U G4, NEW



Astrox 99, HMG, Tungsten ultra PEF, strung at 28 lbs with Utimax 66, 4UG4, NEW




Astrox 88 S, HMG, Tungsten ultra PEF, S for control, strung at 28 lbs with Utimax 66, 4UG4, NEW


Astrox 88 D, HMG, Tungsten ultra PEF, D for Power, strung at 28 lbs with Utimax 66, 4UG4, In Stock now, NEW


Astrox 77, HMG, Tungsten,Namd graphite, even balance, Blue 3UG4 or Lime Green 4UG4, NEW


Astrox 66, HMG, Tungsten, Namd graphite, Hi Flex, White, ,4UG4, NEW


Astrox 9, HMG, Tungsten, Nanomesh Neo graphite, Stiff, Black and Red, 4UG4, NEW



Astrox 7, HMG, Tungste, Nanomesh Neo graphite, Medium flex, Black and Orange, 4UG4, NEW


Astrox 6, HMG, Tungsten ultra, even balance,in Lime Green, Black and Red, 4UG4, NEW


Astrox 2, Graphite Tungsten, Nanomesh Neo, Hi flex,Black and Yellow, 5UG4, NEW


Nano Flare 700, HMG, M40X/super HMG construction, medium flex, slim shaft, 4UG4, 83 grams, ( For power play. Available in Black and Red or Black and Blue ) NEW ( Strung by Gefen Sports at 27 Lbs with top quality Yonex string )


Nanoray Z Speed, HM Graphite Fullerene frame and shaft, Sonic metal, new Horizontal A grommet pattern for greater flex in the string bed, Stiff, for extra power and speed, in Orange and Black, 3UG4, NEW ( World fastest smash record of 493 km/h by Yonex player Tan Boon Heong )

Nanoray 900, A totally new frame that suppresses the angle of the shuttlecock for a completely new angle for smashing, (shuttle drops down) stiff, H.T. Graphite, H.M. Graphite, NANOMETRIC, SUPER HMG, H.M. Graphite, X-FULLERENE, Ultra PEF, 3UG4, Iron Gray, Made in Japan.


Nanoray 750, HMG/Nanometric, X-Fullerene,medium stiff, in Gold, 4UG4, NEW


Nanoray 700 FX, HMG, Fullerene frame, HMG, X Fullerene shaft, flexible, 4UG4, for control,NEW


Nanoray 300 R HMG frame, HMG Nanomesh shaft, for Power play, stiff, in Yellow, 4UG4, NEW


Nanoray Speed, HMG/Nanomesh carbon shaft, stiff, 4UG4, NEW


Nanoray 70 DX, HMG/Nanomesh carbon, stiff, high tension ( 30 lbs ), 4UG4, NEW


Nanoray 20, Graphite frame, Graphite shaft, flexible, 3UG3, NEW


Nanoray 10, Carbon graphite construction, light head, flexible, 4UG4, NEW

Nanoray 3 , graphite shaft, Aluminium head, stiff, 3U G4, NEW

Voltric FB, HMG, Graphite/Tungsten/Black mirco core/Nanometric, Slim shaft, Stiff, 73g frame, 5U G5, in Black and Blue or Black and Green. NEW.


Voltric Z-Force II, 3UG4,( Voltric Z Force II Lin Dan edition in Orange colour in stock, NEW )


Voltric 80 E Tune, HMG graphite, Sound Filter Tungsten head, HMG Nanoprene shaft, stiff, for power play, 3UG4. ( Discontinued )


Voltric 70 E Tune, HMG, Tri-Voltage system, Sound filter, Tungsten, HMG ultra PEF slim shaft, 7mm, Ultra light weight, , medium flex, 4UG4.( Discontinued )


Voltric 50 E-Tune, HMG, Tungsten,Tri Voltage system, Sound filter, HMG slim shaft, Ultra light weight, Stiff, 4UG4, NEW ( E Tune: customize your level of power by distributing the weight where you want it)


Voltric Force, HMG sound filter tungsten, medium stiff, 5UG5, NEW

Voltric 50 Neo, HMG sound filter tungsten, Tri bumper, stiff, 3UG4, NEW

Voltric 55, HMG Graphite tungsten, HMG slim shaft, Tri- voltage system, medium flex, in and White and Red colour, 3UG4, NEW.


Voltric Force , HMG Graphite tungsten, HMG shaft, stiff, 4UG4, in Black and Orange NEW


Voltric 8 E Tune, HMG Graphite tungsten, medium flex, 4UG4, NEW

Voltric 7, HM Graphite, light head, medium flex, 4UG4. ( Lin Dan edition in Orange colour in stock, NEW )

Voltric 5 FX, Carbon construction, 3UG4, medium flex, NEW


Voltric 1, Graphite tungsten, medium flex, 4U G4.( Lin Dan edition in stock, NEW )


Voltric 0, Graphite tungtsen head and shaft, flexible, 4U G4, NEW ( Specail offer £30.00 )


Arc Saber Z-Slash, HMG/HTG/CS Carbon nanotube, HMG Slim shaft, ( 7mm ) Super HMG/ Ultra Pef, compact smaller frame, new control support cap, Stiff, for speed and power,in Laser Yellow colour, 3UG4, Discontinued


Arc Saber 11, HMG CS carbon, Sound metal head, HMG shaft, stiff, even balance, 3UG4, in Red and White, ( Replaced Arc Saber 10 ) NEW


Arcsaber 7, HMG/Cs carbon, slim head, medium flex, 3U G3, Discontinued


Arcsaber 6FL, HMG nanospring, flexible, 4UG4, in Majenta Discontinued


Arcesaber FD, nanoair spring, stiff, extra light, 5U G4, Discontinued


Arcsaber 4DX, Graphite/nanoair spring, graphite shaft, stiff, 3UG4, Black and Orange, Discontinued

Arcsaber Lite, HMG, nanoair spring, medium stiff, 4U G4
Muscle Power 7, Graphite composition, medium flex, 2UG3, NEW
Muscle Power 3, Graphite shaft, aluminium head, 2UG3, NEW
Muscle Power 2, Aluminium head, Steel shaft, UG4, NEW
Muscle Power 2 Junior, 21 inches, steel shaft, aluminium head, 2U G3, NEW
B 700, steel shaft, aluminium head, 2U G3, NEW
B 550, steel shaft, steel head, UG3, NEW

Karakal: SL 70, superlight, Nano graphite, magnesium gel, Conventional shape, in White, designed in UK, NEW ( One racket for £60.00, two rackets for £100.00 )


Babolat: Please call or email Gefen Sports for discount.


Babolat X Act Infinity Lite, HMG, oversized head for extra power, slim shaft 6.8mm, 80g, medium flex, head light. In Black and Green.

Special offer (Two racquets for £120)


Satelite 6.5 Lite 84g, HMG construction, 6.5mm slim shaft, medium stiff, 20x21 string pattern, head light, for defensive game, NEW Price: £110.00.

Satelite 6.5 Blast 89g, HMG construction, 6.5mm slim shaft, stiff, 20x21 string pattern, head heavy, for attacking game, NEW Price: £120.00

Satelite Gravity 78g, HMG construction, medium stiff, super head light, 22x23 string pattern, for defensive game, NEW. Price: £90.00. ( Gravity 74g available in Orange colour. Price: £90.00 )

N-Tense Blast 89g, HMG construction, very flexible, head heavy, 20x21 string pattern, for attacking game, NEW Price: £80.00.

Prime Essential 85g, HMG construction,very flexible, even balance, 20x21 string pattern, light blue or yellow, New Price: £35.00

Nitro Carbon 100 84g, HMG construction, medium flex, in Fluo Red and Matt Black, 22x23 string pattern, exceptional value, very attractive racket, NEW, Price:£40.00 ( Best seller, best value )

BADMINTON GROMMETS ( Most Yonex grommets will fit other brand rackets because they are 0.10mm thinner ) ( Most Yonex top range rackets consist of 78 grommets which are all Tapered for easy installation and excellent fit )
Yonex Grommets :B 1: Set of 80 Generic grommets, 14- 1.95mm x 13 mm long, 66- 2.50mm, 11mm long, Black ( All 80 grommets are longer than the original grommets, therefore need trimming after installation )

Most Yonex grommets in B 23 and B 28 sets are interchangeable with other Yonex rackets

Yonex B23: set of 85 grommets in a pack, 4- Double grommets, 7-grommets, 2.50mm x 7mm, tapered with round head, 11- 2.50 mm x 8.5mm, tapered with round head, 20- grommets, 1.93mm x 8.5mm tapered with round head, 43- grommets,1.90mm x 7.00 mm, tapered with round head, for Arcsaber 5, 7, 9, 10, 008, Nanoray 80, Nanospeed 9900, NEW
Yonex B 28: set of 92 grommets for Voltric and Arcsaber range, 8 Double grommets,12 grommets, 2.5mm x 9.2mm, 8 grommets, 2.5mm x 7.8mm, 43 grommets, 2.2mm x 7.8mm, 21 grommets, 1.95mm x 9mm, NEW
Yonex B40 set of special grommets for Z Force II racket
Prince Grommets: Set of 80 assorted in Black
1A: 2.1x9.3mm, 200 pack: £9.00. 2A: 2.0x13.7mm, 200 pack: £9.00. 3A: 2.6x10.7mm, 200 pack: £9.00. 3C: 2.7x10mm, 200 pack: £9.00. 4A: 2.8x6mm, 100 pack, White: £4.00. 4C: 2.8x10.7mm, 200 pack: £9.00.
All Grommets in Black

Gamma Tension Tester for Badminton only, 10-40lbs range, made in Taiwan.


Other rackets available on request.

Yonex Frame Weights:
4U = 81 grams
3U = 85 grams
2U = 90 - 94 grams
U = 95 - 99 grams
3L = 100 - 104 grams


Frame weight specified. Strung rackets will weigh an extra 5-7 grams.

Most Yonex rackets come in grip 3 and 4.

Most rackets strung by the manufacturer in good quality synthetic string.
Alternative strings are available on purchase of racket:

Alternative Badminton Strings
Babolat VS natural gut
Yonex BG 68 Ti, BG 80, 80 Power, Nanogy 95, 98 and 99, BG 66 Ultimax and BG 66 Force
Yonex BG 65 Ti or BG 65 Non Ti
Ashaway Rally 22 Ti, Ashaway Micro Legend or Zymax fire 66 or 69
Ashaway Rally 21 and 21 Micro

Other strings available on request - please call.
Orders: Please confirm availablity of rackets.

Postage & Packing: Special Delivery next day mainland UK: £10.00 by Fedex.


Try Before You Buy

RACKET TESTING: Facilities available on premises.

DISCOUNT: 25% off all rackets for Cash payment, 20% for Debit Card payment,15% for Credit Card payment. (No extra discount on special offers)

Please call or email for best prices


to contact gefen sports:

6 Kings Parade

Okehampton Road, Kensal Rise


NW10 3ED


tel: 020 8459 4915 ( 24 hr answering service )  or  020 8459 8539

Freephone uk: 0800 999 4915

mobile: 07734 650967

international dialling: 0044 20 8459 4915/ 8539



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