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Working hours: 9.30am-5.00pm. Sunday closed.

Freephone for Landline and Mobile UK: 0800 999 4915

View racket discount at the bottom of this page

( Head Racketball Rackets in stock )

All rackets are leading, well established brands.

Spare parts and Grommets always available. It is our policy only to use brand names whose back up services are fast and reliable.

Grommets for the most popular Wilson Hyper Hammer 120, 130, 140, 160 and new Ripper 140 squash rackets are in stock for £8.00 each, stock number: WRG 960100.

Grommets list at the bottom of this page.


If a racket is found to be faulty it will be replaced or credited.

( Please be advised that the market is flooded with fake rackets. Check authenticity before buying )

Customizing 27 inch Graphite racket to Junior 26, 25 or 24 inch available for £9.00 including a new grip.

DUNLOP: All rackets in stock at half price.     RRP uk
SPECIAL OFFER: Dunlop Rev Pro xx balls in a box, single packs, One Dozen balls £23.00. 6 Dozens for £126.00

Evolution Force 120, 500, 120g, 17-20mm tapered frame, premium graphite, 14x18 pattern, Tear drop head shape, extra head light as used by Nick Matthew, Special Offer: £75.00


PRINCE: Special 25% discount available for cash & debit card payment. Please call or email to:

Pro Phantom PL 950, 470, 132g, 16x16 Powering, graphite Textreme, Square holes, Energy Channel & Bridge for extra power, power level 950, used by Ramy Ashour. ( New Pro Phantom PL 950 in Blue in stock for £180.00 )


Pro Tour Power Level 850, 145g, 16x16, graphite extreme, Square holes, Energy Channel & Bridge for extra power, NEW.


Pro Black Speedport 850, 470, 136g, TTT, PSS, WGB, 16x16 Powering, graphite extreme, Square Holes, in Black, power level 850, NEW. ( Out of Stock )


Pro Shark PB Power 650 , 470, 128 grams, Textreme graphite reinforced, 14x15 pattern, PR, NEW


Pro Beast Textreme 750 , 470, 126g, TTT, PSS, WGB, 14x15 Powering, graphite extreme, power level 750, NEW


Prince Team Red 700, 470, 140g, TTT, PSS, WGB, 16x17 Powering, graphite extreme, power level 700, NEW ( Out of Stock )


Pro Airstick Lite, 130g, 16x17, powering, graphite Textreme, power level 550, NEW


PRO warrior 650 Textreme , 125g, 470, 22mm, SB, graphite extreme, 16x17 pattern, TT 650 power level


Wilson N 120, graphite construction, great balance in Silver and White colours: Special offer: Two rackets for the price of one racket.


HEAD: Special 25% discount available for cash or debit card payment.
Graphene XT Cyano 110, 500, 20mm, SB, Graphene XT construction, 12x17 string pattern, 27 inches in White ( Discontinued )

Graphene XT Cyano 120, 500, 20mm, SB, Graphene XT construction, 12x17 string pattern, 27 inches in Yellow & Black ( Discontinued )

Graphene XT Cyano 135, 500, 20mm, SB, Grapahen XT construction, 12x17 string pattern, 27 inches in Red & Black ( Discontinued )


Graphene Touch Radical 120 SB, Slim Body, 475, 14x17 string pattern, light head, for speed and contro, in Black, NEW


Graphene Touch Speed 120 SB, Slim Body, 500, Extended shape, light head, 12x17 string pattern, for speed and control, in Black, NEW


Graphene Touch Radical 135 SB, Slim Body, 475, 14x17 string pattern , light head, in Black, NEW


Graphene Touch Speed 135 SB, Slim Body, 500, 16x17 Fan pattern, in Black, for speed and control, used by Omar Mosaad & Joelle King, NEW

Racketball :Liquidmetal Hurricane , 103, 180g, 21-22mm, Nano graphite titanium, Power zone string pattern     
Racketball: Liquidmetal Blast, 103, 200g, 20-21mm, Nano graphite titanium, Power zone string pattern


Racketball: Inferno total pack, 103, 220g, Aluminium construction, including 3 Penn Blue balls, Goggles, Drinking bottle & a Bag , super value


Karakal Racketball balls, Blue fast, Black slow. Two balls in a container.


Racketball: Nano Ti Demon, 103, 220g, 20-21mm, aluminium construction, Power zone string pattern, Available in Red or Yellow


Padel Tennis: Evolution Peso 360 grams, 38mm wide, 450 mm long, graphite composition, in White and Blue colours.

TECNIFIBRE: Special 25% discount available for cash & debit card payment. Please call or email

Carboflex 125, Basaltex, 500, 19x16mm. tapered beam, graphite/basaltex construction, 14x18 string pattern, strung with technifibre 305 + 1.20mm. Black, excellent balance and performance. ( One racket for £80.00, Two rackets for £150.00 ) ( Out of stock )


Carboflex 125 X Speed , 19-16mm, tapered beam, graphite/basaltex construction, 14x18 string pattern, strung with Tecnifibre Dnamx Black, 1.20mm, balance head light in Black, Red and Blue, M. El Shorbagy, NEW ( Special offer £100.00 )

KARAKAL Special discount available for cash & debit card payment

SN 90 FF, ( Fast Fibres ) 90 Grams, 455, 18-16mm, taper frame, extreme carbon gel, ultra light head, 14x19 string pattern, for great speed and power ( Discontinued )


Raw 110 Ti Gel, strung in 1.25 mm Braided multifilament, Nano Ti, excellent feel, light headed racket, in Black and Red colours, NEW


Karakal Carbon Pro 140g, 500, Tear Drop shape, 20-21mm, tapered beam, graphite composition, 12x17 string pattern, in Black, White and Blue, excellent graphite budget racket ( Discontinued )


CSX Tour Alloy Frame 500, strung in good quality synthetic, 16 gauge, 30 lbs, useful for Beginners, Racket breakers and Hire purposes. Including 3/4 head cover. In Blue.



( All weights are for unstrung frames )

Most rackets strung by the manufacturer in good quality synthetic string.
Alternative strings are available on purchase of racket:

Alternative Strings
Babolat VS Tuch 17, 1.25mm natural gut
Tecnifibre X One Biphase 1.18mm Red or Natural
Tecnifibre 305 1.30mm, 1.20mm or 1.10mm Green
Ashaway Super Nick XL or XL Micro or XL Pro or Prince Spintex 17
Prince Synthetic gut or Gamma Synthetic Gut 16g or 17g

Other strings available on request please call.

Orders: Please confirm availability of racket.
Grommet Set: 10.00 a set. Please specify name, model, head size, number of holes on the top, side and bottom.

Wilson and Prince squash grommet set: £12.00.

Assorted Grommets, mostly in White

Typical Squash Grommets, Made of Top Quality Clear or White Plastic to prevent wall marking, racket and string breakage.

                       Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Extender Shape        Head Aragon 155 Conventional Shape

                                            (Without Throat Piece)                                   (With Throat Piece)

Assorted Single Grommet list


7D: 3.1x35mm, 20 pack, grooved: £3.50. 8A: 3.8x20mm, 50 pack, lay flat: £5.00. 10C: 3.4x35mm, 20 pack, grooved: £3.50. 13C: 3.7x35mm, 20 pack, grooved: £3.50. 16A: 4x15mm, 100 pack, grooved: £7.00. 16C: 4x35mm, 20 pack, grooved: £3.50. 19A: 4.3x15mm, 100 pack: £7.00. 19C: 4.3x35mm, 20 pack, grooved: £3.50.
Postage & Packing: Special Delivery next day mainland UK: 10.00 by Fedex.

Try Before You Buy

RACKET TESTING: Facilities available on premises.

DISCOUNT: 25% on all rackets for Cash payment, 20% for Debit Card payment, 15% for Credit Card payment. (No extra discount on special offers)

Please call or email for best prices

HMG = high modulus graphite IMG = inter-modulus graphite IBG = integrated bumper guard
PWS = perimeter weighting system ISIS = impact shock isolation system VCS = vibration control system
PH = power holes DBG=double barrel grommet ACS = advanced control system
SB/CB = straight/constant beam PSS = power scoop shaft TTT = triple threat tungsten
HC = hyper carbon WB = wallglider bumper CF = concave frame


to contact gefen sports:

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Freephone uk: 0800 999 4915

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international dialling: 0044 20 8459 4915/ 8539



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