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Working hours: 9.30am-5.00pm. Sunday closed.

Freephone for Landline and Mobile UK: 0800 999 4915

Mail orders: Minimum order in goods value: £30.00





1- Pull up hook, for hand stringing and extract strings


2- Combination Billiard, for hand stringing only, for Real tennis, Rackets, Squash& Badminton ( Hand crafted by Mr Gefen ) NEW

3- Double string clamp, standard, for tennis &squash
4- Double string clamp, for big gaps, steel, for tennis
5- Double string clamp, for squash and badminton,

6- Setting off tool (string pusher), for Tennis, Squash & Badminton


7- Small Awl, 1.5 inches, for Badminton, Squash and Tennis.


8- Medium Awl, 2.5 inches, for Squash, Tennis. Blue or Wooden, Made in UK


9- Bent Awl, mainly for open Throat rackets


10- Pull Through unit, for Badminton,Tennis & Squash ( Hand crafted by Mr Gefen ). Dozen wires - £6.00 ( Including One Dozen pull through wires of your choice )


11- Pull Through wires for the unit, specify Badminton,Tennis & Squash, Dozen (as shown in No.10)

12- Stringing Pliers, parallel action, flat nose, 140mm, spring action, m. in UK.The best.

13- Standard Pliers with plastic sleeve handles, used to tie off knots.


14- String clipper, diagonal cutting, 140mm, spring action, made in UK.The best.


15- Standard clipper, with plastic sleeve handles


16- Long nose Pliers, for short ends and tricky knots


17- Stringing stick, for emergency and hand stringing & repairs

18- Reamer, 2.78mm, for clearing holes, ten, squ, bad.

19- String remover for Tennis, Squash and Badminton (Same as No.1)


20- Countersink, 10mm, for rounding sharp edges in holes, inside & outside

£ 10.00
21-De-grommetting tool, with two pins, for badminton
22-Yonex Double string clamp, spring action, for badminton, 35mm x 80mm, Made in Japan

23-Grommet grinder, with special serrated blade, 3mm, for single holes, or 4mm, for double holes, for tennis, squash and badminton, to remove bad grommets, enlarge holes and turn badminton grommets 90 degrees to refresh the bad grommet, made in UK. NEW ( 3mm : £21.00. 4mm: £24.00 )


24- Double string clamp, spring action, for badminton, 45mm x 100mm , very similar to Yonex double string clamp above, just a litle bit bigger. Made in Taiwan, NEW


25- Double string clamp, spring action for badminton, of excellent tension hold, no damage to strings and excellent durability. Size. 90mm long, 35mm wide, slightly bigger than Yonex clamps. Made in Taiwan. Price: £13.00. NEW



Cam action stringing pliers, for tying off knots and repair broken strings:  20.00         
Starting clamp spring action with 4 springs, to hold first Main string or any Cross string against the frame at very high tension. For tennis, squash and badminton. Very useful single string clamp for every stage of stringing and repairs. Also very useful to extend a short last Main or Cross string with an extra bit of string connection.  28.00
Pro's Pro Starting clamp for squash and badminton, with 3 springs: £18.00 ( Eagnas starting clamp, PP 600 with 3 strong springs available for tennis: £28.00 )
Hole Finder for tennis only, to help thread a string into a hole:   19.00. New stock in Black Steel construction Made in Taiwan. Will accomodate up to 15 gauge, 1.38 mm tennis string.        


Complete Repair Kit for Badminton.



This Repair Kit is especially useful for Badminton.
It consists of the following tools: Double string clamp spring action, Two awls, pull through unit with wire, One spare wire, standard pliers, standard clippers, long nose pliers, setting off tool, stringing stick and Two sets of synthetic string.

Hand Stringing Kit.



This kit is especially useful for Badminton or Squash. It is not recommended
for Tennis.
The kit consists of the following tools: the complete repair kit as above, pull up
hook, Combination billiard, Two Double string clamp vice action and a hand
stringing manual.


to contact gefen sports:

6 Kings Parade

Okehampton Road, Kensal Rise


NW10 3ED


tel: 020 8459 4915 ( 24 hr answering service )  or  020 8459 8539

mob: 07734 650967

international dialling: 0044 20 8459 4915/ 8539


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