Swivel clamp made of best Aluminium alloy 7075, sandblasted gripper plates S 7 level for extra gripping power without string damage, ultra hard anodising treatment, 50 (um) for extra durability, fingertip Ratchet adjustment knob with Dial and Pimples for excellent and consistent stringing, no extra adjustments needed during stringing, 5 teeth, 35 mm width, pin diameter 11.98 mm, pin length 81.50 mm, total height 138 mm, clamp total weight 300 grams, Including suspension soft plastic ring on pin or optional returning spring. Suitable for most base locks with 12.00 - 12.20 mm hole. 2021 model, Made in Taiwan, 5 years guarantee. Probably the best all round swivel clamp on the market manufactured by CNC ( Computer Numerical Control ) machines with minute tolerances for excellent precision swivel clamp.


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