At Gefen Sports we repair, calibrate and replace faulty parts with new parts, mount Wise 2086 on table top machines where drilling holes is needed, mount table top stringing machines on stands, weld broken parts, and perform all types of mechanical repairs. We don't repair electric or electronic string pullers due to lack of spare parts. We stock many more spare parts, swivel clamps, base locks, mounting posts, slim side supports for badminton, badminton stringing adaptors, squash extenders and many more parts for the following machines: Eagnas Den 10, Den 3600, Combo 3800, Flex 160, Elf 2, Hawk 20, 50, 126, Smart 808, 850, 909, 3000, St 250, top 600. Signum Pro 1 and 2, Gamma progression manual and ES 2, all Pro's Pro machines such as Challenger 1 and 2, Centring machines and most other Chinese brands. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any spare part or repair.