Stand for all types of Table Top stringing machines with height adjustment knob, including tool tray and metal bar for reels of strings Height 92 cm to 113 cm. Weight: 6 kg. Measurements of the top plate 150 mm by 85 mm, the distance of 4 holes of 8mm in diameter with thread from each other is 120mm by 70 mm, there are another 2 smaller holes of 7 mm diameter without thread for 6 mm screws in the middle of the top plate, 55 mm apart for any other connection option for any machine. The top plate include 4 x 8mm screws , nuts and disks. The base is in H shape for space saving. The stand is suitable for any Table Top machine, in some cases just a hole or two need to be drilled. Delivery with courier £15.00 with courier.


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