Modern Badminton stringing machine 2023 model, accurate, fast, light, extremely durable and very easy to operate with 5 years full machine guarantee. Included with the machine complete set of stringing tools, excellent Swivel clamps with Cam rollers, excellent Base locks for fast and accurate stringing, 2 sets of strings and machine manual. Designed by USRSA MRT and CRT professional stringer Mr gefen. Machine weight 19 kg. Delivery in mainland UK: £40.00.This machine is for Badminton only, it can't string tennis or squash rackets. England Ex number one Toby Penty bought this machine from Gefen Sports in June 2017. Made in Taiwan. Delivery in Europe or other destinations determined by weight and distance to London. Discount: Payment by Bank transfer £760.00, debit card payment £780.00. Upgrade with Wise 2086 plus special bracket included £610.00.


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  • Six point support floating system to eliminate racket distortion and fast stringing.
  • Two swivel clamps with Cam roller and Four teeth, top quality 7050 Aluminium with Non slip coating gripper plates for excellent high tension hold without damage. 
  • Two excellent Pro base lock mechanism for fast and smooth lock / unlock operation.
  • Four Centre micro adjustable 4mm slim V shaped side support for fast racket mounting and easy access to crosses holes.
  • Ektelon type Lockout spring loaded tensioning mechanism to string all types of badminton rackets at speed and ease at any tension.
  • Adjustable width linear ball bearing automatic string grippers to handle any string gauge.
  • Tension range in lbs and kg.
  • Scales: 10-50 lbs. 4-24 kg. Increments in single lbs/kg.
  • Machine weight: 19 kg.
  • Length: 66cm.
  • Working Span: 185cm (6 ft).
  • Optional extra: steel and aluminium adjustable height stand with tool tray and string bar: £120.00

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