Convert your Baiardo Lite with new Glide Bar part WRZ748600 from the Baiardo machine to fit Baiardo Lite machine, with new Clamp base part WRZ 748500 from the Baiardo machine with your current swivel clamps part WR 8402801001 for faster and more comfortable Drop Release system, clamping/unclamping strings. Cost of conversion £940.00 Conversion is very simple, unscrew the current Glide bar box, install the new Glide bar box then fit the Clamp base into the new box, secure the plastic stoppers and start stringing . 5 mm Allen key provided with each Baiardo machine to carry out this conversion. Price £940.00 including 20% Vat. Payment by bank transfer. Export price £800.00 for payment by bank transfer. For Export payment by Pay Pal £850.00.


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