Wise 2086 electronic string puller 2024 model with bracket will fit: GS model stringing machines, most lockout with string puller machines with standard size rack, maximum 51mm width and 8 mm thick, most drop weight machines, most electric machines with Rotary string pullers which feature a special low bracket specifically designed for these type of machines for £35.00. The Wise will fit on all Gefen Sports machines and other similar lockout machines in few minutes. For any Lockout and GS machines the bracket is included free of charge. Foot pedal available for £48.00. (on Drop weight or electric machines One or Two holes might be needed to be drilled in the Base, Gefen Sports charge: £25.00) Tension range start from 15lbs to 86lbs, fitted with diablo and a fast switch for fast and smooth operation. The wise 2086 uses 220 volts. Included special transformer, electric cable, Allen keys, operational manual and two years guarantee. Weight 6kg. Delivery by courier in mainland UK £20.00. Price £600.00 including Vat. Payment by Bank Transfer. Payment by debit card £610.00, payment By Pay Pal £630.00 Delivery in Europe or other destinations determined by distance to London. For Export less Vat.


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