Prince Pro Blend 16g, 1.30mm, Kevlar mains made by Du Pont USA, Synthetic gut 16g, 1.30mm crosses, for excellent durability and control in Creme and White colour. Mains 22ft, Crosses 20ft set. Kevlar is the most durable string on the market but very stiff, hence suitable for string breakers. The synthetic gut DF 16g, 1.30mm can be replaced with more durable cross string for extra durability. When using Kevlar tension need to be reduced by 10% more or less. One set for £16.00.Made in Japan. Ashaway Kevlar 16g, 1.30mm, textured for excellent durability and control in Natural colour, available for Mains, 20ft long for £8.00, 360ft reel available for £80.00. Made in USA.


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