Modern stringing machine, 2023 model. Made in Taiwan. Designed by USRSA MRT and CRT professional stringer Mr gefen. Includes lockout string puller for tennis, squash and badminton with extra room for stringing due to longer reach by the centre supports for all types of rackets. Included with the machine: complete set of stringing tools, excellent tennis and squash swivel clamps with 5 teeth made of steel with diamond coating for durability, two badminton swivel clamps, suitable side supports for tennis, squash and badminton, tennis and squash pressure spreaders, badminton pressure spreaders and squash extenders for narrow throat rackets. 5 years full machine guarantee. Weight : 27 kg. Delivery by courier in mainland UK: £30.00. Delivery in Europe or other destinations determined by weight and distance to London. Discount prices: For Cash or Bank transfer £1100.00.


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