Professional Stringing Machine for tennis, squash and badminton 2024 model made in Taiwan. The Baiardo is used by the world’s best stringers at the most demanding professional tournaments. Included with the machine complete set of stringing tools, Allen keys, full size head cover and stringing machine manual. The swivel clamps are the new Aluminium type with 5 teeth, light and easy to operate. The machine is packed in two boxes, top box weight 47.65kg, size, 118x53.5x50cm, small box with stand inside 24.25 kg, size, 81x51.5x30cm. Machine assembled weight, tools and head cover 56kg. Maximum height 132cm, lower height 106cm, suitable for tall or short stringers. Angle of stand tilt 7 degrees. 3 years Wilson guarantee for the 3 electric motors and mechanical machine parts. Excellent stringing machine used by Gefen Sports, fast, accurate, comfortable, very easy to operate and extremely durable. Delivery in mainland UK by courier £130.00. Delivery in Europe determined by weight and distance to London. Wilson code number WRZ 748100. Machine price £5500.00. Export price to Europe £4600.00 Payment by bank transfer in Uk sterling. All prices including 20% Vat.

£5500.00 £7500.00-26.67%

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  • Wilson Baiardo is Wilson’s FIRST stringing machine designed around the stringer.
  • B.E.S.T. System: Biomechanically Efficient Stringing Technology
  • Ergonomic Ingenuity:
    Adjusts height/tilt to stringer for ergonomically correct posture during stringing. Eliminates stress on lower back, shoulder, neck, etc.
  • Technology and Comfort
    Ergonomic design on all parts for amazing ease-of-use and efficiency.
  • Maintenance Versatility
    Modular construction makes easy service and maintenance simple.
  • Powerful User Interface
    Revolutionary touch screen interface for easy and intuitive control of all machine settings.
  • High Capacity of Memory
    Remembers 13 personal user settings for up to 6 different stringers. The most customisable machine in the world: Mounting heights, mounting tilt, main string installation height, main string installation tilt, cross string installation height, cross string installation tilt, pull speed, pre stretch, final string pre-knot over pull.
  • Cross string tension higher/lower.
  • Tension notification sound on/off.
  • Touch screen on/off.
  • Display pounds or kilos.
    • Machine weight: 58.6kg
    • Machine width: 104cm
    • Height at maximum extention – 132cm, at minimum extention – 106cm
    • Angle of stand – 7 degrees
    • Power supply – 100-240 volts
    • Packaging – the machine is delivered in two boxes:
  • machine top box weight: 47.65kg, size: 119 x 54 x 50cm
    machine base box weight: 24.25kg, size: 82 x 52 x 30cm
  • Machine material: mostly aluminium and steel

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